Dewaxing environmental cleaning agent: how to use dewaxing water and oil powder to clean stainless steel!

2021-12-13 1581

How to clean stainless steel with dewaxing water and degreasing powder!

During the production of stainless steel products, many different stains will be attached to the surface, but the surface of the products is often contaminated with oil and wax. Before the products are shipped, they must be kept clean and glossy. Therefore, the cleaning process will be involved. The cleaning process is a very important and indispensable procedure in our production. So how can we use dewaxing water The efficient cleaning of stainless steel products with oil removing powder is a problem that needs our relevant personnel to pay attention to!

In the cleaning process, we must first master our cleaning methods and cleaning requirements. There are three cleaning methods: immersion cleaning, spray cleaning and manual scrubbing. These three methods are generally immersion cleaning with better effect and efficiency. According to the cleaning requirements of different products and products, we need to select appropriate dewaxing water and degreasing powder cleaning agents. Only in this way can our cleaning process be advanced efficiently and the original gloss of the products be maintained.

The selection of suitable high-quality cleaning products is of great help to our production. A good cleaning process can reduce our rework, reduce costs, improve production efficiency, and ensure that the shipment does not lag. Otherwise, our production will be greatly discounted.


The cleaning process is to remove the oil first according to the routine, because if the wax is removed first, the liquid oil may adhere to the wax dirt, so the wax dirt may not be cleaned and affect the next work. Then, the good oil removal cleaning agent should be selected first for the oil removal cleaning. According to the routine, the best choice for the oil removal powder is the one with environmental protection and moderate pH value. Because this is conducive to the protection of products and operators, the cleaning temperature and time should be well controlled during cleaning, so as to reduce unnecessary work.

For the cleaning of wax stains, appropriate dewaxing water shall be selected according to the status of wax stains. The status of wax stains shall be judged according to the length of time. The longer the time, the more stubborn, harder and difficult to clean the wax stains. In this case, the dewaxing products with stronger permeability shall be selected. In addition, the dewaxing water shall be selected according to the requirements of product surface gloss. In accordance with the principle of employees to products, the dewaxing products with stronger environmental protection and corrosion inhibition shall be selected, This can reflect an enterprise' s responsible attitude towards customers and employees.

Choosing high-quality wax and oil removal products and mastering better cleaning techniques and processes will be of great help to our production, staff, cost and other issues, and can achieve twice the result with half the effort. So why don' t we do it!!

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