New Star Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in early 2010, the company specializes in surface treatment technology. Adhering to customer-centric, dedicated to integrating advanced domestic and international sales, excellent cost-effective surface treatment products. We can provide customers whole plant design, electroplating process arrangement, technical advice, supply of raw materials and other services.
    The operating range of copper alloy electroplating products, aluminum electroplating products, zinc alloy electroplating products, metal plating iron products, plastic electroplating products, covering hardware sanitary, auto parts Motorcycle, lighting, locks, LED and other fields. Decorative and functional electroplating. It relates to an acid copper plating, around the base of copper, multilayer nickel, nickel, nickel sulfamate, decorative chrome, hard chrome, silver, zinc and various other substrates processing.
    In line with the clean production of this modern industrial production requirements, the new Star Chemical strength Recommend environmentally former low COD treatment products, non-toxic substances such as trichlorethylene green wax cleaner, non-cyanide alkaline copper, trivalent chromium white, trivalent chromium and other products. To the majority of peers and promote green production and electroplating industries together.
    The company many senior people in the industry that provide customers plating more appropriate technology, better quality, lower the cost of consumption for the purpose, dedication to provide you with excellent products and quality service.