Wax removal environmental cleaning agent: industrial wax removal cleaning agent

2022-04-14 1154

During industrial production and processing, various kinds of dirt will be formed on the surface of equipment and workpiece, and these dirt need to be cleaned with corresponding industrial cleaning agent. The industrial cleaning agent for cleaning oil is called degreasing cleaning agent; The cleaning agent for gum is called degumming cleaning agent, while the one for wax is dewaxing cleaning agent. Dewaxing detergent is also one of the detergent products we focus on.


The wax on the surface of workpieces or equipment is mostly formed during processing, and some are wax residues caused by storage. When wax dirt remains on the surface of the workpiece during processing, it will affect the normal processing, while the wax dirt on the surface of the equipment will affect the normal operation of the equipment and may cause equipment failure. Waxy dirt formed during storage will affect the performance of workpieces or equipment and affect the appearance. In short, the wax dirt remaining on the surface of the workpiece or equipment has a great impact and should be cleaned and treated in time.

Wax remover is an industrial cleaner specially used to deal with wax dirt. It has a strong pertinence and can quickly clean wax dirt. In addition to the funny cleaning effect of wax cleaner, it can also ensure that it does not damage the substrate during cleaning, with high safety and no pollution.

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